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Common questions live here.

Creating a professional website would not be complete without open communication during the building process. Below are some of the most common questions we get asked before, during and after the website creation stage for our clients.

General Information

We aim to provide a full suite of services to our website clients to get your business in front of as many eyes as possible to a professional standard.

Currently, we primarily focus on search engine optimisation, professional copywriting and marketing services to promote your business.

Other services we offer to complement this are e-mail marketing, content delivery, analytic reporting and customer acquisition strategies.

Web Launch was established in 2022, with the creators having over thirteen years of web design and marketing experience in the micro and small business space.

During this time, we have learned many skills and abilities to provide professional websites that will impress a local audience.

Yes, you can see all of the latest websites and service offerings we have provided for our latest clients in the portfolio section of our website.

In addition to this, if you supply resources in the form of inspiration for your own website, we are able to deliver on this to the best of our abilities.

Unlike most agencies and freelance developers, we pack your website full of premium tools and expertise at no charge to you. Not only this, we are a small business ourselves and bring the knowledge of strengths and struggles that are associated with small business owners.

We stay in the know with the latest tips, tricks and technologies by constantly advancing our knowledge in the web development space. Our staff are frequently learning new technologies through courses, tutorials and webinars to bring you the best product possible while being affordable.

With our team members having over 13 years in not only web development but also bookkeeping and accountancy, we are prepared for almost any business or industry.

The skills of knowing the strengths and weaknesses associated with different industry classifications assures we can provide a high-quality website for your audience.

Yes, we can! Our portfolio has a variety of satisfied clients that have been kind enough to leave testimonials.

Our business can also be found on Google to search through other reviews we have received.

Communication is key in the development of a website, and we work cohesively as a team.

During the initial consultation and understanding of project requirements, you will likely be speaking with Jayde.

During the creation of the website through to delivery your best point of contact is Jordan or Nathan.

Our business is proudly Australian owned and operated, with our team all in-house and will stay this way indefinitely.

We place a strong value in having all of our team members available, social and amicable to provide the best collaborate outcomes for your business.

Each team member in the Web Launch family has a specific role to ensure that your website is handled with as many strengths and as little weaknesses as possible.

During the initial consultation and website requirements understanding, you will be engaging with Jayde.

Once production has begun, you will primarily be in touch with out website liaison officer, Alicia.

As production begins to take shape, you will be provided with a preview link for revisions and discussion. During this time your primary contacts will be both Jordan and Nathan depending on availability.

Design and User Experience

We aim to have your website complete to a professional standard on the first revision. However, we understand this is an ideal world and not a given.

Currently, we provide a maximum of two revisions for the base pricing but are open to further revisions at an agreeable rate.

Yes, your website will be built with WordPress. However, this is not an ordinary, standard version of WordPress.

We have created a deployable premium package of WordPress that includes enhanced security, premium tools and more to assist your business.

You can learn more about this at The WebLaunch CMS.

All Web Launch websites come pre-packed with premium tools to assist with website loading times.

Along with this, we use professional image compression paired with minifying page resources to help your viewer have an enjoyable experience.

Your website is often your first point of contact for online engagement, and it’s important you make a good first impression.

When building your website, we take a ‘mobile-first’ approach. What this means is that the website is designed for mobile and tablet users as the primary focus.

The reason for this is that data strongly suggests mobile devices are used more frequently and for longer durations than traditional computers.

This allows us to give your largest audience the best user experience, while focusing on also enhancing the desktop experience.

We build all websites with the user in mind; after all, they are the people who will be viewing your website to get in touch with you.

Image compression, high Google Page Speed insights, legible navigation and appropriately sized content are just some of the thing we do to ensure a great user experience.

When building your website and filling it with content, we like to treat it like we’re reading a story to your audience.

Our websites are designed in a way that when you are reading the content, you are not just reading words on a screen.

You’re reading the core values of this business and how engaging with them will actively benefit your life and/or situation.

This is often conveyed through similarities, needs, wants, desires and interest.

Yes, we frequently make interactive elements on websites to capture the reader’s attention.

This engagement is often handled by Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript.

On request during the building phase, it’s not uncommon for us to create custom animations for our clients, along with other image assets.

Yes, we’re more than happy to try and fit your brand’s aesthetic!

However, matching your brand’s aesthetic can often be challenging and requires a high level of communication from both parties for a strong and professional outcome.

We can do our best with the information given, but having an accurate vision and guidance to go off will make this much more enjoyable.

Technology and Development

Yes, all Web Launch websites are created to be fully responsive on desktop, tablet and mobile devices to ensure great user experiences.

Upon request we are even able to create mobile navigation buttons to further enhance the user experience. Speak with Jordan or Nathan about this feature during the development period.

As a small business, we understand the importance of cyber security and preventing threats before they take action.

We handle our website security by first having a secure web server that is shielded by two-factor authentication.

Further to this, we obfuscate all common directories on your website and have malware removal tools and DDoS protection.

Yes, we have experience in creating high-converting landing pages with a minimalist approach.

Along with this, with have experience in creating electronic digital marketing material such as advertising campaigns and newsletters.

Yes, we are able to integrate chatbots and live chat features. However, it must be mentioned that this is outside of the scope of our regular services and will incur further costs.

Making professional and reliable chatbots is a significant task and should not be considered as ordinary website creation.

Yes, we have a strong understanding of progressive web apps and are frequently under new education and training to further expand this knowledge.

We currently do not offer this service, as we can not confidently deliver on it. However, this is something we will aim to be able to provide in the near future.

Yes, we have the knowledge and experience to integrate APIs where necessary.

Currently, we do not custom-develop APIs as we have not seen or foresee a need, but are happy to assist with this in the future.

Yes, we are very experienced in creating membership communities and portals that consist of users and user generated content.

Historically, this has largely been through education platforms and subscription-based membership platforms.

Your website will be delivered with premium tools and features with lifetime product updates and continuity, allowing for a future-proof environment.

Content and SEO

Yes, this is one of the things we specialise in. Whether it be traditional SEO or Local SEO through organic means, we are here to help.

Having your website appear on the front page of Google is a blessing for all business owners. This opens doors to a whole new audience of people searching.

Yes, we offer content writing in the form of professional copywriting, product descriptions, landing pages and more.

Please note that this is outside the scope of a general website creation and will incur further costs that will be discussed with you in detail if you so need.

As much as we would love to, we can’t give away all of our tricks of the trade – but we can provide some helpful information.

When building your website, we emphasise every detail to help optimise search. This often includes website accessibility, partnering with other sites, speed optimisations and professional markup.

Yes, this is something we can deliver to get your website performing at its best abilities.

Creating content for your audience is important and should be treated as such, because the more content you have, the more chance you give yourself at being recognised and provide value to your audience.

Yes, we offer content marketing services and promotion, as we can deliver this in a measurable way for your business.

Unfortunately, we do not offer blog writing services. We believe for micro and small businesses your best chance is to be authentic by creating a brand voice that resonates with your audience.

We sure can! When building websites, blogs are one of the more frequent requests and we have a fair amount of experience in this field.

Creating the articles and having them rank for certain keywords however, is on you or a content writer you happen to engage.

All images that are uploaded to your website are compressed and ensured to be in the file format of WEBP. Along with this, they are resized to the specifications of what is required on the website and no larger.

This allows for rapid loading of images to provide them to your audience, even if their internet is slower than most.

When your professional domain-related email address is created with us, we integrate Google Analytics to the dashboard of your website for ease of use.

With this tool, you will be able to track your website views and see more in-depth analytics regarding user interactions.

Yes, we are open to providing A/B testing services. This will come in the form of creating two landing pages and seeing which one performs better for your business.

Please understand that due to this being a higher workload, it will incur additional charges for the pages that have to be created and the copywriting material on those pages.

E-Commerce and Transactions

Yes, we can assist with setting up secure payment gateways for your website. Some providers we are currently familiar with include AfterPay, PayPal, Stripe and Zip.

If you require any other payment gateway integrations, this will likely not be an issue, but will need to be discussed with the team during the consultation.

Security is paramount with all Web Launch websites, not just our e-commerce selection. We believe that mitigation of threats on all levels is better for everyone in the long run.

The measures we take include daily backups, obfuscated directories, nuisance visitor detection, secure industry-leading payment gateways and two factor authentication.

Yes, we can assist with integration and hosting video on your website. However, for most cases, we suggest hosting your videos externally on popular providers such as YouTube.

This is because it will take up less space of your website storage space and, more often than not, will serve the videos to your audience faster than self-hosting.

Yes, we have experience in creating websites that contain virtual events and webinar integrations.

It is not uncommon for us to produce websites that have robust event calendars, ticketing functionality and more, such as webinar integration tools.

Yes, we can offer social media integration for your website. This includes creating social media feeds such as your lastest Instagram uploads, latest tweets and more.

We also include social media links where reasonably applicable to assist with the organic growth of your social platforms

Yes, having made affiliate marketing websites and referral based platforms in the past – we are well equipped to implement affiliate marketing features.

These features are designed to complement a converting landing page or article with high-performing search engine optimisation to drive sales.

Thankfully, we have not yet encountered a security breach on our databases or servers. Primarily, when a security issue occurs it is through leaked credentials – if this is brought to our attention by a client, their information is changed and redistributed.

If any security issues were to occur in the future on behalf of Web Launch vulnerabilities, we have structures in place and regular backups to avoid prolonged issues.

If a disaster were to occur, we would have secondary hosting options to continue the uptime of all websites.

User credentials and their data become our primary focus during an event such as this, with all data being secured privately and then all existing administrative credentials revoked in the interim until promptly re-issued via e-mail.

Yes, all Web Launch websites are delivered with a free SSL certificate to ensure your website visitors have a more secure experience.

Project Management and Communication

Our team is always willing to learn and accept criticism to benefit the outcome of website projects, as this will also assist with future projects and the way they are handled.

We welcome all forms of feedback, both positive and negative so that we can grow from this in a variety of ways to deliver the best product possible for our clients.

Our preferred methods of communication during your project will include e-mail, phone and Zoom meetings.

During the production stage of the website when we have provided a draft for your perusal, we will schedule a Zoom meeting with you to action any amendments for the revision to have you as happy as possible with your new website.

When building your website, it’s important to us that our team is collaborative and effective throughout the entire process.

To assist with this, we use the project management tools of Slack and Asana. These tools help us bring your website to life with a joint effort through the team, with regular meetings and criticisms for best potential outcomes.

Jordan having a strong background in bookkeeping and accountancy keeps projects within budget constraints and timeline-specific parameters.

Your project will be handled in a professional manner that consists of a profit and loss to monitor the expenditure and resources being provided to the project.

This brings confidence that your project will always remain in the scope of the budget – and if it does not, you will not incur further charges for our error.

To add new features to your website in the future, make contact with any of our team members or support staff.

We are more than happy to add new features to your website as your business reaches new levels of success.

Please be aware that further developments outside the original scope of work will incur further charges.

Changes to the project happen frequently – with this being your business, you want things done right, and we understand that.

We proudly have zero project delays that have been directly or indirectly due to team decision making.

Project delays are primarily due to clients providing information, so we can’t stress enough how important it is to be concise with your information and media you would like displayed.

If for some reason bugs are found within your website after the initial launch, we will work to mitigate this in a staging environment.

This will allow your current website to stay live, but we will send updates to your website to fix these issues as they become known.

Thankfully, we have yet to encounter a website issue that was of great significance.

Website downtime is something no individual or business owner wants. However, it does happen – and it is often unavoidable.

Thankfully, our websites operate on a near guaranteed 99.9% uptime, with the only issues being maintenance and advancement periods.

We schedule these maintenance periods in off-peak times such as early morning hours to be as convenient as possible.

The best way to reach us in emergency cases is via e-mail.

Our e-mail inboxes are monitored 24 hours per day, with one of our staff members being on-call during the night.

If for any reason an emergency were to occur, e-mail is your fastest point of initial contact.

Post-launch and Maintenance

Your website is securely backed up to multiple access points daily. This ensures that if for some unlikely reason data happens to be breached or errors occur, your information will be accessible.

This will assist in prevent malware attacks and other forms of malicious workings – so that your website stays filled with current information, and most importantly safe.

Our websites are built with a ‘mobile-first’ design concept, and for accessibility on screen readers.

We believe in making your website accessible for as wide as an audience as possible, so that no matter the device or person viewing your website, they will be left with a positive first impression.

Yes, we offer retainer packages on all of our website services.

As a small business ourselves, we understand that cashflow at this level of business is crucial and we’re here to assist where possible.

If you feel recurring payments is the right payment type for you, we offer it. However, please be advised that recurring payments in the form of a retainer package incurs a 20% surcharge on initial project costs.

Before your website goes live, it will go through a series of important appearance, performance and security tests to ensure your website is ready to be delivered.

Your website will be monitored by all Web Launch team members for errors and flaws. Anything that detected by the team will be fixed prior to delivery.

No, we don’t ordinarily provide the source files and assets upon project completion, due to the nature of the website building process.

However, we can provide these files upon request if needed. We try to limit this as much as possible for general use cases for both security and troubleshooting purposes, though.

Upon completion of your website, you will be given the option to take advantage of our Web Launch Platinum Care services.

This maintenance and hosting package ensures that you are a priority client for support and maintenance of your website, as well as being entirely hosted by the Web Launch server network for optimised speed.

We take data security and privacy very strongly by only storing information that is absolutely essential.

We do not and will not provide your data to other parties for any means, including financial gain.

Yes, your website will be setup in an environment where you can view it through a specific URL using a passcode.

This will give you access to see the website during the development process as it is being made in real-time.

A staff member will provide this to you once the project has commenced and provide times to best check for progress updates.

Content migration services are generally not an issue if you have all your content ready for our team.

Our website liaison officer will be in touch and forward this information to our development team to ensure that it is placed on the new website without issue.

You will also be able to see this information as it is produced and provide any criticisms or feedback during the creation.

Financials and Contracts

Upon project completion the website will be yours to do as you see fit with no further charges.

However, if you would like your website hosted and maintained by Web Launch Platinum Care with our staff providing maintenance where required, this will be an ongoing monthly or annual charge.

You can find the latest Web Launch Platinum Care pricing by following the link.

Yes, we require a deposit upfront when building your business website and providing optimisation services. This assists with the labour for the project’s completion and ensures that things run smoothly.

The deposit for all website projects is 50% of the quoted value of the scope of work. The remaining amount is payable after the delivery of the website, and it is live.

Please note that if full payment is not received within 30 days of the project delivery, the website will be placed in ‘cruise mode’, making it inaccessible to viewers until payment is processed.

We currently accept two types of payment schedules when providing your professional website creation. The first is a full-sum payment, which is the preferred method. This method also includes an initial deposit of 50% of the quoted scope of work.

The second payment schedule is considered a retainer package that involves twelve even monthly payments for the first year of your website. Please note that this method of payment attracts a 20% surcharge.

Once our team has completed the website, you will be given access to the website for final approval and completion of payment on delivery.

When completion of payment is confirmed and received, you will have ownership of the website and its functionality.

However, please note that if you leave the Web Launch network, you will have to source your own hosting services and will no longer have access to the Web Launch optimised content management system.

This will ultimately leave your website running on a more standardised version of the WordPress content management system.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee our services as it wouldn’t feel ethical. There are constant advancements in technology every day and new issues surrounding us.

We can deliver that once your website has been completed and operational; it will be high-performing, mobile and tablet device friendly, receive regular updates to mitigate threats and more.

Yes, all Web Launch websites will come configured with analytics to measure your website performance. This is provided by the Google Analytics tool for accurate reporting.

Yes, if requested we can provide a full breakdown of the costs associated with creating your website and how they can be justified.

The primary costs associated with the creation of your website will be the labour costs for the development process, followed by incidentals such as photography, videography and content writing if required.

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction by keeping you in the loop of information during the development process of your website.

If for any reason you do not appreciate the quality of your website once completed, there are currently no grounds for refund as when the website is delivered you effectively have the content in your control.

However, we keep you engaged during the development process and provide multiple revisions to assist with ensuring that you have an enjoyable experience with Web Launch and have a website you can be proud to show your visitors.

There are currently no penalities for missed deadlines, however, please understand that if you take a considerable amount of time delivering content and media assets to our team, this will effectively delay your website project, and it may not be completed within our ordinary 48-hour production period.

As for penalties for late payments, there are no financial penalties for late payments. However, if payments are in arrears for over 30 days since the date of invoice, your website will no longer be publicly available and placed in ‘cruise mode’, until payment is made.

Hosting, Domains and Emails

Yes, we are happy to assist with purchasing a domain name for your business for this project.

Please understand that if Web Launch is tasked with purchasing your Australian domain name for your business, this will incur an annual charge of $39.99.

Your domain name will also not be transferrable to another register for at least a ninty-day cooling period.

Yes, all Web Launch websites can have professional e-mails attached to their domain name.

For example, if you would like your email to be or

This is a service that is offered through out Web Launch Platinum Care package. We wish that we could offer this to all website projects, however our hosting servers are required to offer this with reliability.

Yes, if you take advantage of the opportunity to use our Web Launch Platinum Care package.

Your website will be optimised for speed, reliability, safety and security with our hosting option.

Most Web Launch customers choose to be part of the Platinum Care package network, because it opens the door to so many features for a low fixed price.

If being hosted and maintained by Web Launch through our Web Launch Platinum Care package, your website will always be accessible.

Our hosting servers have strong reliability, security and are optimised for speed and performance at a professional and scalable level.

We are confident in offering an approximate uptime guarantee of 99.9% for the life of your website.

The reason we are confident in offering this level of reliability is because our server infrastructure was maticulously built to handle these situations and was acquired with small business in mind.

The hosting which is applied to your website depends on a variety of factors including scale, purpose of use and many more.

All hosting configurations under the Web Launch brand will be monitored and hosted on our dedicated servers. However, it is not unusual for us to band together certain websites in a shared environment for efficient use of resources and scalability.

Generally, there is no fixed amount of space dedicated to your website and this is in part how we are able to provide our maintenance services at an affordable price.

When having your website hosted with Web Launch, your storage will be configured on an ‘as needed’ basis.

This allows for clients that require significant space to have it on demand, and those that don’t – to not utilise it until required.

Yes, you can move to other hosting providers without an issue!

However, please note that moving hosting providers often means moving your domain name registration – which can not be performed within the first 90 days of your relationship with Web Launch.

To add to this, when using other hosting providers you will no longer be using the secured Web Launch CMS, but rather a general use WordPress CMS which may change your website trust score through Google.

E-mail deliverability is not often an issue we face, but do understand that it can effect some businesses.

We suggest that all Web Launch clients have their emails directed through Microsoft Outlook 365 for professionalism and anti-spam features.

We do offer a migration service in setting up Microsoft Outlook 365, however please understand that this will incur a service charge for labour and installation.

Integrations and Additional Features

Yes, we can assist with email marketing integration such as email subscription forms and marketing.

Our preferred supplier for generating email marketing lists is MailChimp, so please understand that if you would like this created by Web Launch, this will be the provider used.

We use this provider as it is preferred among micro and small businesses just initiating their mailing lists and is user-friendly in approach.

This allows us to deliver this service at an affordable price.

Your website will be optimised for conversions and click-through rates if the content writing has been contracted to Web Launch.

If your content copywriting has been provided internally or by a third-party, we cannot guarantee your website’s conversion rate.

This is primarily due to the wording, colour psychology and persuasive writing elements to conversion aren’t measurable by outside influence.

Yes, we can provide website strategy consultations to assist with the development and future path of your website and growing user engagement.

Please understand that this is a seperate service to the development of the website and will incur further charges as this is outside the scope of work for website creation.

In most cases, your website will not require the handling of user data due to the nature of most businesses.

However, if your website does need to handle user data in a professional and secure manner, that is a service that is offered.

It’s important to note that when handling user data certain laws must be adhered to, often including cookie consent verifications – which we also offer.

No, we do not currently have any partnerships or outside influences.

Everything we do is entirely in-house and is likely to stay that way indefinitely.

We believe that keeping all services in-house and providing websites as a team is a better approach that keeps the responsibility and tasks in one place.

Before a website is delivered to you, our team tests the display and performance across various common-use devices that we have been able to get our hands on.

This includes a variety of modern android phones and tablets, Windows desktop devices, Apple mobile and tablet devices, and Apple MacOS computers.

Yes, we can provide customised analytics and data reporting if required.

Please understand that providing such metrics is not in the scope of work for regular website creation and will incur further fees that can be communicated during the development period.

For all general use analytics, all Web Launch websites come pre-configured with Google Analytics.

Yes, we have experience building multi-language websites to engage with a larger, global audience.

Generally speaking, we can include multi-language support at no extra charge if your website is considered eligible by our team.

Recommendations for integrations for your business will be on an ‘as needed’ basis.

We do this so that your website remains as free from bloat as possible, while still being provided with a friendly user interface for editing.

Generally speaking, your website will not need many integrations and you are better off taking a minimalistic approach to convey your message.